The Cajitamex Story

Cajitamex was created on the goal of providing the Hispanic community with a little bit of Mexico at their doorstep. All of our snacks and beverages are one hundred percent shipped from Mexico and one hundred percent authentic meaning we provide you with snacks that are yet to be found here in the US so what are you waiting for your just clicks away from having Mexico at your door! 

  • Café Con Lala

    café con Lala has gave a lot to talk about on social media especially being a tiktok favorite we now have it available in clásico flavor and vainilla flavor

  • Prispas By BOKADOS

    If your not familiar with Prispas yet you’re missing out ! Prispas comes from the BOKADOS brand of chips which are super good and are a customer favorite especially being very rare here in the United States give Prispas picositas a try !

  • Carlos V Cereal

    Did you know Carlos V had cereal ? Well now you know! Carlos V has been released for a limited time and we got you covered and yes it does taste like the original chocolate !